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These tough economic times are creating a wave of people who are entering the job market or going back to school for the first time in many years.  Furthermore, because the market is so competitive , any past criminal infraction (even if it was only an arrest) could mean the difference between getting a job or remaining unemployed.  It is a fact that both adult and juvenile criminal records can cause many problems in obtaining employment, housing, professional licensing, credit or student loans applications.  A criminal record can also prevent a parent from being able to participate in a child's school activities or from coaching little league.  Getting a record properly sealed or expunged may help remove some of these obstacles.   When a record is “expunged”, it is as if the crime never occurred.  When a record is “sealed”, the file remains intact but it is labeled as “sealed” and can only be released to other law enforcement agencies. Employers will not have access to the records.  The availability and time frame differs for both. My office provides a FREE CONSULTATION to examine a person's history, eligibility and explain the process of expungement. 

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