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Court Info & Procedure

1. When you are scheduled to be at a court appearance, the time that you are told to be there is the time YOU are supposed to be there. This applies to ZOOM hearings as well. Even though the courthouse is opening for court hearings most judges are keeping ZOOM appearances for convenience and efficiency. Click on this link to connect to your court hearing:

2.  If you are appearing in person, you should plan to check in prior to the time your case is scheduled.  There is often a line to get into the courthouse so you should plan to leave early in order to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your scheduled court hearing. When you get to the courtroom you should follow the check-in procedure and inform the clerk that you are waiting for your attorney. In most cases, your file will be put aside until we arrive. 

I am aware of when your court hearing is scheduled.  IF you get called before the judge before we arrive, please ask for your case to be passed because you are waiting for your attorney. This happens occasionally and is NOT A PROBLEM - the judge knows that I am either in another courtroom or possibly even at another courthouse. Please DO NOT become alarmed if you do not see me in the courtroom. Attorneys usually have to be in more than one courtroom at the same time. If I am appearing via ZOOM, I will inform you before court.  You are welcome to call or text me but please wait at least 30 minutes before you call.

3.  I usually call to remind our clients before a court date, but if you haven't heard from me, please call or text to verify your appearance instructions.

4. COVID-19 has affected everybody. Unfortunately, it also affects our ability to keep support staff constantly available to answer phones during business hours. Please leave a message or send an email and we will make every effort to respond within 1 business day. Of course, this is not ideal but this change allows us to maintain our staff and continue to provide quality service.

If you need immediate service, or in the event of an emergency, I can be reached by text* at:


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